Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
08/31/2016 01:01 am Mausoleum of Desire Tollund Men Autoerotik Bleak Environment
08/31/2016 12:57 am Sono L'Antichristo Diamanda Galas
08/31/2016 12:49 am Sex Bomb Flipper Generic Flipper
08/31/2016 12:45 am Where Ever Indiscreetness Indiscreetness
08/31/2016 12:45 am Why Is This Happening F*ck Party F*ck Party Set in the Basement Indiscreetness
08/31/2016 12:43 am F*ck Y*u F*ck Party We wont go to your fucking party unless you can go f*ck yourself Indiscreetness
08/31/2016 12:37 am Wired Cosey Fanni Tutti
08/31/2016 12:37 am PSA2 PSA2
08/31/2016 12:37 am PSA1 PSA1
08/31/2016 12:30 am Sangre, Bandera, Cruz Los Macuanos