Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
04/14/2024 05:49 pm Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Joni Mitchell Mingus Jazz
04/14/2024 05:48 pm Sweet Emma Ray Blue Work Jazz
04/14/2024 05:41 pm I'm On Your Side Camille Thurman Waiting for the Sunrise. Jazz
04/14/2024 05:37 pm What a Little Mon light Can Do Teri Riger Ghost of Yesterday Jazz
04/14/2024 05:35 pm no Doubt True that Eric Person Blue Vision Jazz
04/14/2024 05:23 pm Nice eyes Johm Menegon Blew by Blues Jazz
04/14/2024 05:13 pm Hi Fly Michael Jackson Certified jazz quitar Jazz
04/14/2024 05:10 pm Are you Going to Scarboroough Fair Pete Levin Fade toBlue Jazz
04/14/2024 05:06 pm Outlaw Hearts JohN Esposito Blues for Outlaw Hearts Jazz
04/14/2024 05:06 pm Plague Times John Esposito Blues for Outlaw Hearts Jazz